Soy Sauce and its Health Benefits

Just like any good Japanese restaurant, our Japanese restaurant in Lynnwood provides soy sauce to help spice up your meal. You might be accustomed to using this condiment sparingly, thinking of it as yet another indulgence you would do well to do without. However, before you write off the humble soy sauce, consider its many health benefits.

It is true that soy sauce can be high in sodium, which can be bad for people fighting high blood pressure. However, it’s also worth noting that the sauce’s strong flavor allows you to use very little of it, and you may in fact come out ahead by favoring it over salt. And that’s without even factoring in the healthier substances found in soy sauce.

Soy sauce contains a relatively high level of niacin. This valuable B vitamin regulates fat content in the blood stream and works to reduce your harmful cholesterol level. Soy sauce also contains trace antioxidants and a good supply of tryptophan. These work to promote health, promote restful sleep, and maybe even improve your mood. All in all, a little soy sauce goes a long way.