Today’s a Great Day for Sushi!

What’s your favorite day to eat sushi? For many people, the answer would be any day other than Sunday or Monday. The common misconception is that, because many restaurants don’t have new fish delivered on these days, any sushi you order will be sub-par. However, our Japanese restaurant in Lynnwood would like to assure you that any day of the week is a good day for your favorite Japanese fare.

True, a sushi restaurant is not likely to have fresh fish coming in every day. The important thing to understand is that a lot of the fish you eat on your sushi can actually benefit from being aged for a day or two. A good itamae should be able to pinpoint the ideal time when a cut of fish is old enough to be at its most flavorful without reaching the point when it starts to spoil. Come and enjoy a few of your favorites at Wild Wasabi today!