The Sharp Edge of Japanese Knives

What You Should Know About Japanese Knives If you’re a serious chef or wishing to become one, you’d dream to possess one of those tools you can’t do without – the Japanese kitchen knives. Known worldwide for their excellent quality and artistic beauty, Japanese kitchen knives are also cloaked in heavy mythology and romance. This […]

What Japanese Foods Kids Enjoy

Japanese Children: One of the Healthiest in The World Published in The Lancet were results of a major worldwide health study concluding that, children born in Japan today are projected to enjoy the longest and the healthiest life due to the lifestyle and eating patterns. Even as childhood obesity and diabetes increase the world over, […]

Enjoying Hot or Cold Sake

Different Sakes at Different Temperatures Sake is traditionally served warmed. About 30 or 40 years ago, warmed sake is much rougher, fuller, sweeter and woodier than the warmed sake now. For many centuries, sake was brewed in wooden tanks made from cedar and stored in wooden casks. You can just imagine the tremendously woody flavor […]