Why it’s Safe to Eat Raw Fish

Is your aversion to eating raw fish what’s keeping you from partaking of the unbeatable dining experience that is sushi? This is a common fear with first-timers at Wild Wasabi’s Lynnwood Japanese Restaurant, and one that we can gladly put to rest. When you’re first preparing yourself for a sushi meal, keep the following in mind:

Sushi restaurants are held to particularly high health standards. The storage, handling, and preparation of the fish is executed with such care that you’re better off eating sushi than a common fast food burger. Secondly, law holds us to using “sushi grade” fish. Such fish has been quickly processed upon being caught, so as to prevent any parasites and microbes from bursting from the intestines into the meat, and then frozen to kill off any bacteria that may exist.

Only fish from the ocean is ever served raw, as saltwater naturally keeps such fish clear of unsavory organisms. This is why freshwater sushi fish, like unagi, is always cooked before being served.

So put your mind at ease, and try a plate of sushi at Wild Wasabi. You’ll be glad that you did!