You’ve Got a Friend in Avocado

Though avocados are native to the Americas, they’ve become a significant aspect in the world of sushi.  At our Lynnwood Japanese restaurant, you can find this peculiar green fruit in many of our California roll and other fusion selections.  Japan has embraced avocados in a big way, which should be no surprise when you consider the country’s affinity for good nutrition.  After all, avocado is a surprisingly healthy food:

  • Avocados are Heart Healthy: Avocados can help you maintain a healthy heart and lower your cholesterol.  Since they are heavy in calories and monounsaturated fat for a fruit, they’re even good for people who need a healthy way to maintain weight while eating a heart-healthy diet.

  • Avocados Protect Against Diabetes: People with insulin-resistant blood can use avocados to help them regulate a healthy blood sugar.

  • Avocados Contain Anti-Oxidants: Potent substances in avocados can protect you against the effects of aging.  They have also been shown to prevent both breast cancer and prostate cancer.

  • Avocados Help During Pregnancy: Avocados are rich in folic acid, which is essential in preventing unfortunate birth defects.

  • Eating Avocados Helps Absorb Nutrients: Studies have shown that people who eat avocados with a meal will absorb five times the carotenoids they would otherwise absorb from their other foods.

  • Avocados Cure Halitosis: Sometimes, bad breath originates deep in the body from chemicals found in foods like onions and garlic.  Avocados can neutralize the effects of bad-breath agents before they reach your lungs.