Sake: Wine or Beer?

There’s nothing like a good sake. That’s why we stock our Lynnwood Japanese restaurant with this favorite Japanese liquor, ready to make every night special with a taste the the brew’s distinct, satisfying experience. But what is sake, exactly?

Though liquors like sake are frequently referred to as “rice wine”, there is some ambiguity as to what kind of liquor it actually is. On one hand, being made from a fermented grain puts it in league with the beer family. It also doesn’t benefit from being aged the way many wines do, and is best enjoyed within as little as a year of bottling. On the other hand, its non-carbonated nature and its taste make it feel more like a wine, and its average alcoholic content of 17% is more akin to most wines.

In the end, it’s probably best to accept that the labels we put on our drinks are far from hard and fast. Should you ever feel the need to join in the debate, of course, you’re always free to take a seat and grab a glass at Wild Wasabi!