Brown Rice vs. White Rice

Rice! There’s no avoiding it. It’s available in nearly 25,000 varieties, a staple of over half of the planet’s population, and a huge part of the dining experience at our Lynnwood Japanese restaurant. But why is rice so important? What is it that makes this simple grain such a significant part of Japan’s diet?

The fact is that rice is a great addition to any nutritious meal. The classic white rice may have come under a lot of fire in recent years as an inferior alternative to brown rice, but this is a deceptive controversy; it is true that brown rice has valuable merits that probably exceed those of white rice for most people, but white rice is not to be underestimated.

While white rice lacks a lot of the fiber in brown rice, it is a good, gluten-free source of protein and quick carbohydrates. It’s anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and encourages a healthy metabolism and strong bones. Also, though white rice loses some of the nutritional value of brown rice during processing, the enriching process gives it a healthy dose of iron and some B vitamins that aren’t present in the brown grains. With that in mind, feel free to enjoy rice in any form at Wild Wasabi!