Fish vs. Flax: Which is Better?

In today’s health-conscious world, people are looking more to fish and flax to give them the omega-3 they require. Fish are, of course, the favored source here at our Lynnwood Japanese restaurant. Perhaps our brand of cuisine might make us biased towards the bounty of the ocean, but there has also been some scientific research indicating that you should be getting your fatty acids from seafood.

The biggest difference between the omega-3 supplied by seafood and that provided by plants like flax is that seafood features EPA and DHA fatty acids, while flax contains what is known as ALA. EPA and DHA are the crucial types of omega-3, and ALA is only valuable for its potential to be converted by your body into EPA and DHA. The omega-3 found in flax is therefore less readily available, and requires your body to do more work before it can benefit.

Additionally, there is some inconclusive evidence that flax can contribute to prostate cancer. Though further research is required on this topic, men in particular may wish to favor seafood as a source of omega-3 until more is known about this possible link. Until such a time, you are always welcome to get your fatty acid fix at Wild Wasabi.