The Healthy Fare of Japan

Have you ever wondered how Japan maintains one of the lowest obesity rates in the developed world? At about 3.5 percent, Japan’s population has a scant tenth of the 35% obesity rate we have in the US. Come on down to our Lynnwood Japanese restaurant, and you’ll have to agree that a big part of what Japan is doing right has to do with its food.

Indeed, the average Japanese meal is rich in nutritious grains and vegetables, and puts less emphasis on fatty red meats than we do in the West. As an island nation, Japan has for a long time gotten most of its meat from the sea, which offers a far healthier variety of fat. It is largely from seafood that we can get our crucial omega-3 fatty acids, which actually fight heart disease and help to clean up the mess left behind by cholesterol and saturated fats.

Do your body right, and start making Wild Wasabi a bigger part of your diet today!