Can I Eat Sushi While Pregnant?

Pregnant woman must be careful about what they eat. Sushi is often high on the list of foods they avoid, for fear of what effects it might have on their babies. Our Lynnwood sushi restaurant would like to reassure you, however, that you can enjoy a real sushi experience while simultaneously safeguarding your developing child.

One of the concerns that expecting mothers have is the risk of foodborne microbes that comes with consuming raw fish. The risk factor here is truly minimal, but it also pays to remember that there are many sushi options that are made from either vegetables or cooked ingredients. Selections like the tamago, unagi, seaweed and crunchy rolls represent sushi that is safe for even the most delicate constitutions.

Some women are concerned about the possible mercury content of the fish used in sushi. Excess mercury is indeed a risk to a developing fetus, but a modest amount of fish can also offer your child an array of health benefits that easily outweigh the possible drawbacks. Simply look for fish that are closer to the bottom of the food chain. These fish contain significantly less mercury, and include shrimp, salmon, unagi, tobiko, masago, octopus, and many others. Limiting yourself to such fish, a pregnant woman should be able to safely consume up to two six-ounce servings of fish every week. Consult your doctor for more information.