Harumaki: A Taste of Japanese Spring

Would you think that the Chinese-style spring roll may be out of place in our Lynnwood Japanese restaurant? It is true that the spring roll traces its origins back to China, but the Japanese spring roll, or harumaki, has been embraced as a part of Japanese dining for many years.

Harumaki is an example of what the Japanese call chuuka, representing Chinese food that has been adapted by Japan. The dish was first introduced to Japan at some point in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century, during an influx of immigrants from China. They tweaked the old Chinese recipes to accommodate Japanese tastes, and the harumaki was born.

“Harumaki” literally translates to “spring roll”. This name comes from the old tradition of eating the harumaki on the first day of spring. You can enjoy their crispy, flavorful taste at any time of the year at Wild Wasabi, though, so come on down and order up a plate today!