What is Shabu Shabu?

Our Japanese restaurant in Lynnwood is pleased to offer you the unique dining experience that is shabu shabu. This Japanese version of the Asian hot pot cooking tradition brings the intimate romance of fondu to a complete and satisfying meal of beef or seafood. The name is thought to be derived from the “swish-swish” of the cooking process; meat is sliced so thin that it only needs to be dipped into the boiling broth twice before it is fully cooked. Watching the meat brown like magic in your own chopsticks is what makes shabu shabu less of a simple dinner and more of an event!

Not only is shabu shabu fun and delicious, it is also friendly to the healthy diet. While it may be comparable to Western-style hot oil fondue, it is considerably better for you. The chief ingredients of shabu shabu’s cooking medium are seaweed and bonito, which are high in glutamates and naturally savory flavor. Where an oil-based fondue would be giving you a lot of fat, shabu shabu broth gives you a high-mineral, zero fat meal with a fraction of the calories! Combine this with a choice cut of meat and you’ve got a Japanese experience that’s as tantalizing as it is nutritious.