The Benefits of Ume Wine

Plum wine, like the variety served at our Japanese restaurant in Lynnwood, is a sweet alcoholic drink made from the Chinese ume plums. This drink became popular in Japan around the 17th century, and has steadily worked its way into the worldwide scene throughout the recent years. It’s similar in many ways to domestic grape-based wines, boasting an alcohol content of about twelve percent, and shares some of the same health benefits when enjoyed in moderation.

Research has found plum wine’s antioxidant levels to be “moderate”, placing it above cherry and raspberry wines but below grape and blueberry wines. However, one advantage that plum wine has over our more familiar varieties is that it contains far fewer histamines, responsible for many headaches you might experience after drinking. Plum wine also features several essential minerals and antioxidants. Among these are calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron and potassium. Try a glass for yourself at Wild Wasabi!