When the First Sushi Bar Came to America

Back in the 1960’s, a man named Noritoshi Kanai introduced an American business associate to sushi in a Japanese restaurant. His associate was so impressed with the dish that he brought it back to Los Angeles and started Kawafuku Restaurant. This restaurant, found in Los Angeles’s Little Tokyo became the first place in the United States to serve Edomae-sushi.

The restaurant quickly turned into a popular location for local Japanese businessmen to take their American colleagues for a taste of their native culture. They made such good business that Kawafuku’s sushi chef was able to save $30,000 dollars in as little as four years. This chef took his new wealth back to his hometown in Japan, where he shared his story with many struggling chefs who were eager to replicate his success. It was then that the United States saw an influx of Japanese immigrants looking to spread their sushi craft and live the American dream.

Since then, Americans have been embracing sushi more and more in each passing year. Come and be a part of this phenomenal movement at WIld Wasabi’s Japanese restaurant in Lynnwood today!