What is the Difference Between Gyoza and Wontons?

Are you looking for a classic side dish to go with your sushi? At our Japanese restaurant in Lynnwood, we offer a delicious dish of Japanese gyoza, stuffed with pork and vegetables. These are Japan’s take on the familiar Asian-style dumplings, familiar to the Korean mandu or the Chinese wonton.

Some people have trouble knowing the difference between gyoza and other dumplings. Indeed, there will not always be much of a difference; the terms gyoza and mandu are often times used interchangeably. Compared to a wonton, however, a gyoza tends to have a thicker wrap and a distinct, crescent-style shape. Also, a wonton is more likely to be served in the form of a soup, while gyoza are more frequently enjoyed all by themselves. Give them a try today at Wild Wasabi!