Bibimbap: Korea’s Famous Mixed Rice

Take a look through the donburi section of our menu. Notice anything unusual? If your eye caught the word bibimbap and you wondered why you had never heard of this Japanese dish before, you’re not alone. In truth, bibimbap represents another of our classic Korean selections.

Though it takes many forms, a bibimbap in its simplest form consists of rice, vegetables, and meat combined in a bowl and topped with a fried egg and Korea’s famous gochujang chili pepper paste. Before eating, you mix this all together into a single, satisfying symphony of flavors. The object should be to coat every surface in egg yolk and chili, so that each bite is a multi-faceted, savory delight. The result is a sensation that has been winning many Americans over to Korean fare!

Bi bim bap is a popular choice in Korean restaurants throughout the country, beloved for its rich flavor and simple execution. Try a bowl at our Japanese restaurant in Lynnwood today!