What is Ramune?

Ramune is a variety of Japanese soda, best known for its distinctive bottle design. This bottle is made out of glass and sealed with a marble that is held in place by the pressure of the drink’s carbonation. When you open the bottle, your force the marble down into a lower chamber where it rattles around as you drink. This bottle design is called the Codd-neck bottle, named after the inventor, Hiram Codd. Because of the bottle, Ramune is commonly referred to as “marble soda”.

To the Japanese, Ramune is a symbol of summer. People in Japan will commonly drink these sodas during summertime festivals and warm, summer nights. The popularity of the drink has taken it beyond the original lemon-lime flavor into over thirty-six varieties, including green tea, root beer, teriyaki, octopus, champagne, wasabi, and others. At our Japanese restaurant in Lynnwood, you can try this classic beverage in its original flavor, melon, or strawberry. Come and enjoy a bottle for yourself when the weather starts to turn hot!