Pairing Sake with Sushi

You’re probably familiar with how a wine expert will know what kind of wine to pair with a specific dish in order to get the best out of the combined flavors. The same can be done with sake. Try pairing the right grade of sake with your favorite type of sushi at our Japanese restaurant in Lynnwood, and you can take your dining experience to a whole new level.

  • Salmon: This favorite fish goes well with a drink that replicates its slightly oily, clean-finished, vaguely fruity flavor. Look for a medium bodied gingo sake.
  • Tuna: An akami tuna goes best with a light, creamy ginjo sake.
  • Yellowtail: The hamachi sushi is fairly oily and somewhat textured. This makes it a good match for a highly acidic drink, like a junmai ginjo sake.
  • Fluke: Hirami sushi has a firm texture and a delicate, fruity taste. It goes well with a light, super-premium daiginjo sake.
  • California Roll: The crab and avocado of the California roll make it very rich and creamy. Try pairing it with a mildly sweet junmai ginjo sake.