Why is Tofu So Popular as a Protein?

It’s no secret that tofu is a health food, popular among vegetarians, vegans, and people who are simply looking to lose a bit of weight. But what is it about this classic soy product that makes it such a strong choice?

The most important part of tofu’s nutrition is its protein content. We all need to get plenty of protein in our diets to build our muscles and other important body parts. Though it is true that there are many potential sources of protein, most meat-free options only give you a few of the nine essential amino acids that humans need. Tofu is one of the best ways to get your complete protein without resorting to animal products.

When you eat tofu, you are getting the protein you might otherwise get from meat, all with far less fat, cholesterol, or sodium. The only drawback is that you need to eat more tofu to achieve your daily recommended consumption. With this in mind, come to our Japanese restaurant in Lynnwood for a tofu salad, a miso soup, or one of many other delicious ways to make tofu a bigger part of your diet.