Eating Sushi Without Cheating on Your Diet

Are you trying to watch your weight? You may have to give up a lot of your favorite foods when you trim the fat, but at least you won’t have to deprive yourself of a delicious sushi meal. A properly-selected meal of sushi can satisfy many of your nutritional needs, all with a low dose of calories, cholesterol, or saturated fats.

Granted, many types of sushi have the potential to be fattening. These are mostly fusion-style rolls, which are often coated with high-calorie sauces or rolled up with fatty pieces of avocado. However, if you avoid these, you can fill yourself up and quash your cravings with a healthy serving of lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Sushi to look for includes albacore, halibut, red snapper, shellfish, cucumber, and other vegetables. Stay away from unagi, tamago, and most futomaki rolls. If you have the option, try enjoying your meal with a cup of green tea to boost your metabolism.

At Wild Wasabi, we offer numerous delicious and diet-friendly sushi options. Join us for a healthy, authentic Japanese meal tonight!