Traditional Christmas Fried Chicken in Japan

The traditional Christmas turkey dinner is nearly impossible to come by in Japan. Since the average household oven is smaller than those we have in the United States, turkey is too large to have caught on in the country. So, when Americans looking to keep up their normal Christmas traditions while living in Japan were looking for an alternative, they turned to the fare of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

So big was KFC with American expats that the restaurant began catering to them with their Christmas Chicken special. Back in 1974, diners could come to KFC on Christmas Eve to receive a meal of fried chicken, cake, wine and champagne. After a while, the Japanese began to adopt the holiday habits of their Western neighbors. Today, it’s common to see lines go out the door at KFC and other fried chicken establishments on Christmas Eve. Many people even make reservations in order to assure that they get their Christmas bucket.

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