Have a Good Year of the Monkey!

February 8th of 2016 is Lunar New Year, when people throughout the world will be ushering in the Year of the Monkey. Lucky numbers associated with this year are 4 and 9, while unlucky numbers are 2 and 7. The lucky colors are white, blue, and gold, while the unlucky colors are red and pink.

Since a given year is traditionally considered unlucky for people born under the same zodiac sign, this year may be bad for people born in the Year of the Monkey. However, 2016 promises to bring great, unexpected fortune. This is a time when Monkeys should make investments, but avoid gambling or taking financial risks. In terms of relationships, Monkeys are likely to have difficulty this year; the harder you try for a relationship, the less likely you are to maintain one for long. Overall, it’s a good idea to be safe, seize your opportunities when they present themselves to you, and make preparations for the future.

No matter what your sign may be, any year can be a good year if you make quality sushi a bigger part of your diet. Come to Wild Wasabi’s Lynnwood Japanese restaurant to get your Year of the Monkey off to a good start.