Why Eat Salmon Skin?

Have you ever seen fish skin on the menu? The skin of a salmon, and some other fish, is often served as a main ingredient by itself. Though this may seem strange to some people, the skin of most fish is not only entirely edible, but very nutritious.

It is in the skin of the salmon that you get the highest concentration of the valuable omega-3 fatty acids that serve to clean out your circulatory system and foster good bodily health. This is because the fat of a salmon is largely in a layer directly beneath the skin, causing much of the fat to get soaked up into the skin when the fish is cooked.

At Wild Wasabi, you can enjoy the great taste and strong nutrition of fish skin in the form of our salmon skin roll. This roll is made with grilled salmon skin in an unagi sauce, coupled with cucumber, avocado, gobo, and kaiware. Come and try this hearty maki sushi at our Lynnwood Japanese restaurant today!