Crazy about Japanese Sushi Rolls in Lynnwood

Top Favorite Sushi Rolls – Pride of Wild Wasabi

Tempura battered rolls are amazingly popular in our Lynnwood Japanese restaurant. Wild Wasabi’s three most ordered deep-fried rolls have cooked seafood stuffing with avocado, cream cheese, spicy mayo and unagi sauce. The spicy Wild Wasabi Fire has spicy tuna and crab, Vegas Roll has crab, and Tempura Philly, smoked salmon. The rolls sizzle in tempura batter flavor that gives that crunchy coat. It’s a new twist on sushi.

Likewise very popular are the cooked rolls, each is seafood-stuffed. Stand-outs are The Caterpillar having grilled unagi, The Medusa has crab, and the Super Crunch has shrimp and crab. The latter seems to have quite a following owing to its creamy and saucy overload of cheese, spicy and wasabi mayo, and unagi on top of its tempura crunchiness.
The Red Dragon is the wild roll of Wild Wasabi and a top favorite as well with its shrimp tempura and cucumber inside. On top are placed the scales of the dragon, which are the slightly sweet and tangy, thinly sliced avocados; mayo on top.

Special mentions are the House Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, Salmon Lemon Roll, and the Veggie Medusa.

Endless Selections and Some More

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