What Makes a Good Starter Sushi?

Are you a sushi newbie? If you come down to our Lynnwood sushi restaurant, you’ll be able to take the plunge properly with our selection of great starter rolls. Even if you’re squeamish about your first sushi meal, we’re confident that you can find something to help you “ease into” the experience until you’re ready to put them away like a pro.

The first thing to understand about sushi is that it doesn’t necessarily contain raw fish. You can get a feel for the food by trying out some of the vegetarian rolls, or the tamago nigiri, which is made from cooked chicken egg. After this, take a step further with some of the fried, fusion-style rolls, like the crunchy roll. Throw in a few California rolls, simulating the feel of eating raw fish with familiar tastes like avocado and imitation crab. Try a few plates of these, and in no time you should be comfortable with the entire menu!