Gunkan Sushi: The Battleship Roll in Lynnwood

Delicious Little Boats of Sushi

“Gunkan” means “Mothership” and consists of a small ball of rice wrapped in a thin band of dry seaweed and topped with various ingredients. Looking like a warship, gunkan can be served as gunkan sushi or sometimes also called gunkan maki.

Nonetheless, it is a popular form of Japanese cuisine consisting of the basic ingredients – rice and nori seaweed accompanied by small pieces of salmon, sea urchin or flying fish roe as the ingredients. Sushi Gunkan is usually served as 2 pieces per package. The filling of the gunkan is not always seafood. It can also be vegetables such as corn, cucumber and carrots.

To make gunkan sushi, the nori or seaweed dried into a paper-like sheet is wrapped around a base of rice to form an oval shaped cup. It makes for a nice sturdy base on which to rest fish roe. The roe are deliciously salty and adds color to the sushi. The eggs of the flying fish (or tobiko) have an unexpectedly crunchy texture, with a mild smoky or salty taste. The larger salmon roe (or ikura) are more like caviar. While fish roe is a common topping for gunkan sushi, it can also be finished with oysters or quail eggs.

How do you eat gunkan sushi? It’s a simple matter, thanks to the design of the vessel which holds the fish eggs or other ingredients in place. Soy sauce is the perfect accompaniment to gunkan sushi, dipping the rice end first. Eat with chopsticks, a little ginger and just a little wasabi so as not to overpower the subtle flavours of the roe.

Gunkan sushi is extremely nutritious. The raw roe has high vitamin and protein content complemented by a favourable ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. The roe also contains a relatively high amount of cholesterol. However, as there is typically no more than a tablespoon size serving of roe on each piece of gunkan sushi, it can still form part of a healthy, balanced meal.

Celebrating Gunkan Sushi in Lynnwood

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