What Japanese Foods Kids Enjoy

Japanese Children: One of the Healthiest in The World

Published in The Lancet were results of a major worldwide health study concluding that, children born in Japan today are projected to enjoy the longest and the healthiest life due to the lifestyle and eating patterns. Even as childhood obesity and diabetes increase the world over, Japanese childhood obesity levels have historically been much lower, and have been declining overall in recent years.

It is said that Japanese-style eating is very efficient- it is filling and comes with quality nutrients. With these, your body has fewer cravings and yet have less room for junk food. They eat more plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, and healthy fats from omega 3-rich fish, and less processed food with added sugars and salt. Food pattern is relatively low in calories, high in nutrients, minimizing the risks of obesity and the hosts of illnesses it triggers.

Rice is the meal foundation, not bread or pasta. The advantage of their short-grain rice, preferably brown, is that it is water-rich when cooked, fluffy, and super-filling, and much lower in calorie density than bread.

Also, children enjoy occasional treats and snacks, in the proper amounts and frequencies, which are much smaller and less frequent in Japan than those that are typical in the West.

Over time, what children may like or dislike about food will change, with their parents gently guiding them towards healthier patterns, exposing them to a wide variety of choices and by setting an example themselves. The earlier and wider a child’s experience with new healthy foods, the healthier their diet will become through childhood.

So what are some of the kid-friendly Japanese foods that children will enjoy? One is udon. The thick noodles have a nice texture, prime ingredients being wheat, water and salt. Udon noodles aren’t really too nutritional but they are filling. Tamago Sushi is good to eat with kids’ hands and ranks high in all nutrition factors. Oyakodon is “parent and child rice bowl” because it features both chicken and eggs, provides great protein for kids. Surprisingly, there’s also edamame or green soybeans, natto, a health booster rich in calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin C and magnesium among other minerals and vitamins, and curry rice.

Chicken and the different ways of presentations and styles are another enjoyable treat and healthy choice for kids. Karaage, fried chicken without the bones, is especially loved.

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