Six Simple Sushi Tips

Do you know how to eat sushi?  The answer may surprise you.  Even if you’re a veteran of the sushi menu at our Lynnwood Japanese restaurant, take a look through this list of simple sushi-eating pointers to see if there’s something that you could be doing to enhance your dining experience:

  • Sushi is traditionally a finger-food!  Though there are some fusion rolls covered with sticky sauces and roe that you might want to use a utensil for, it is perfectly acceptable to eat most sushi with your hands.

  • Don’t use your ginger as a condiment!  A slice of ginger is eaten between pieces of sushi in order to cleanse the palate.  Eating it with your sushi is only covering up the delicate taste of the rice and fish.

  • Always try to eat an entire piece of sushi in one bite.  This is the best way to enjoy the the sushi’s full bouquet of flavors, and also a good way to avoid having the sushi fall apart in your hands.

  • If you’re eating nigiri sushi, put it into your mouth so that your tongue comes into contact with the fish.  This may be counter-intuitive, but it gives you the best flavor.

  • Don’t use too much soy sauce!  This can break down the sushi rice that is holding your sushi together, and it can also be seen as an insult to your chef.  If you’re eating nigiri sushi, remember to dip the fish in the sauce, and not the rice.

  • Be careful with your wasabi!  It can quickly overpower the rest of the sushi.