Eat More Ginger!

Ginger is a big part of the dining experience throughout the Asian continent.  You’ve probably encountered this herb in your tea, next to your sushi, or, indeed, hiding amid many of the dishes here at our Lynnwood Japanese restaurant.  And it’s a good thing that you have, too, as the health benefits of ginger are quite impressive indeed:

  • Digestive Health: Ginger stimulates the release of digestive enzymes, easing the process of breaking down fats and proteins while simultaneously neutralizing some of your excess acids.  In this way, ginger can serve as a cure for nausea, morning sickness, motion sickness, gas, heartburn, and diarrhea.

  • Circulatory Health:  Ginger is an anti-inflammat, allowing it to open up blood vessels while it stimulates the flow of blood and prevents clotting.  Meanwhile, it also helps to reduce the amount of harmful cholesterol absorbed into the blood.

  • Curative Properties: In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is a natural decongestant and antihistamine.  It also boasts powerful fever-stopping attributes, and has demonstrated an ability to prevent the replication of certain viruses.  The herb has even been used to inhibit the growth of some cancer cells, or even eliminate them outright.

  • Dental Health: Ginger contributes to increased salivation in people suffering from dry mouth, which helps ward off cavities and gum disease.

  • Fat Reduction: A diet rich in ginger helps you to burn fat more easily.

  • Mental Health: The consumption of ginger has been linked to the prevention of plaque in your brain, which is a symptom of mental conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.