Rediscover Ramen!

The word “ramen” is best recognized in the US as the name of those dry wads of salty noodles that you can break a dollar with. It is therefore understandable that you might cringe to see it featured on the menu of our Lynnwood Japanese restaurant. However, you may be glad to hear that there is a world of difference between supermarket ramen and the ramen we offer. Both in overall taste and nutritional value, ours is a ramen that beats anything that comes out of a plastic wrapper.

When you buy a restaurant-quality ramen, you’re getting better ingredients. Nothing has been dried, powdered, or packed in preservatives. The noodles, themselves a much more satisfying affair, derive their taste not from copious amounts of sodium but rather from meats, vegetables, and proper Japanese seasonings. So leave the supermarket brands on your old dorm room hot plate where they belong, and come to Wild Wasabi for a taste of what ramen is supposed to be!