What is Agedashi Tofu?

Tofu has an unfortunate image as a bland and unappetizing dish in the West. In Asia, however, the culinary practice surrounding tofu is old and rich enough to have been honed as a cultural art. Japan produces a wide range of tofu dishes, sure to appeal to even the strictest carnivore. If you yourself have never looked at a tofu cube without wrinkling your nose, our Lynnwood Japanese restaurant invites you to give agedashi tofu a try.

Agedashi is a well-known preparation of tofu dating back hundreds of years. A tofu cookbook gives us an agedashi recipe from as early as 1782. The recipe calls for tofu to be dusted in potato or corn starch and deep fried to a golden-brown color. This is then topped with chopped onions and served in a hot sauce made from soup stock, rice wine, and soy sauce. The end result is so hearty and flavorful, you’ll forget that you’re not eating meat! Try it out for yourself at Wild Wasabi today.