Delicious, Delicious Donburi

Donburi. It’s hearty, it’s delicious, and it’s a good, simple favorite on our Lynnwood Japanese restaurant’s menu. But what is it, exactly?

In Japanese, the word donburi is simply the word for “bowl”. Over time, it came to describe the classic dish as well. Though donburi comes in many forms, it generally consists of a bowl of rice topped with some variety of meat, and sometimes vegetables. Katsu, teriyaki, shrimp, eel, all of these are common donburi toppings.

The name of a donburi dish is usually made by taking the word for the meat that is being used and adding the “-don” suffix to the end. “Katsudon”, for example, might be used to name a donburi topped with katsu. “Unagi donburi” is similarly shortened to “unadon”. And if you see “tendon” on the menu, don’t worry: that’s merely rice topped with tempura. Come into Wild Wasabi and try some donburi for yourself today!