Okonomiyaki: the Japanese Pancake

What is an okonomiyaki?

This is a Japanese dish that might not be as familiar as the teriyaki, sushi, or tempura, but it’s starting to get a bit more recognition outside of Japan. Sometimes referred to as “Japanese pizza”, this is a savory pancake-like treat topped with fish, vegetables, and delicious Japanese sauces.

It is thought that okonomiyaki was invented in the region of Osaka, as the dish is characteristic of the cuisine popularized there. There it came about as a form of fast food to be sold in the streets, or in special restaurants that equip diners with the ingredients they need to prepare the pancake by themselves. This may account for the name, which translates to “to one’s liking”. Come on down to Wild Wasabi in Lynnwood to see how it suits your own liking today!